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About the UltraCane

The UltraCane - an award winning primary mobility aid

Developing safer alternatives since 2010, the UltraCane is an electronic long white cane for use by people who are blind or visually impaired and is THE ONLY electronic long white cane that utilises state of the art "narrow beam technology", allowing users to safely avoid obstacles and navigate around them, both in the user's forward path and giving valuable protection at head/chest height.  No other electronic long white cane utilises this technology.

The UltraCane detects street furniture and other obstacles within 2 or 4 metres (depending on which setting is used) and it does this by emitting ultrasonic waves from two sensors. It also detects up to 1.5 metres ahead at chest/head height, giving tactile feedback to the user through two vibrating buttons on the handle over which the user places their thumb.

The two buttons, when vibrating, indicate the direction of the obstacle; the frequency of the vibration lets the user know the proximity of the obstacle.  

This type of feedback stimulates a spatial "mind map" in the brain, enabling the user to obtain information about the layout of their immediate environment and surroundings and guides them safely through and around obstacles.  








The UltraCane enables the user to make decisions much more quickly, thus allowing them to move around more safely, confidently and effectively.

Find out how other UltraCane users have had their mobility transformed by the UltraCane by reading our Testimonials.

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